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iNation Network presents the iNN-iNet!

The Internet for everything that has to do with the system IBM i, including all interfaces to other systems.

A social media platform specializing in IBM i and related hardware.

IBM i also includes the previous names: AS / 400, iSeries, i5, Power System i. Mention should also be made at this point, the system / 38, which represents the basic architecture of our AS / 400.
The 1st IBM system that organizes the data and accesses in the storage space concept.

Likewise, the AS / 400 was also the world's first fully 64-bit RISC machine. The address is 128 bits long, made for the future, because now only 64 out of 128 BIT are used.

In the future, iNN-iNet will be the social media platform for IBM i, as will Facebook for the Internet.

Why register now as a member of iNN-iNet?

To get to know your other IBM i colleagues and colleagues, and also to inform your managers and management about the iNN-iNet so that everyone can see the power and capabilities of the IBM i system right up to the most advanced browser application and no longer of the old AS / 400 is spoken.
About news and information about the security and reliability of the IBM i.

Since IBM i is the only virus-resistant computer system, you and the management need not worry about the ever-increasing number of virus attacks.

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As an IBM i family we have to stick together, because only together we are strong!

Michael Augel and Michelle Freya Noichl

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